Thursday, October 27, 2011

W. Lynn Chantale

What genres and authors would we find you reading when taking a break from your own writing?
When I’m taking a break, I can be found reading mystery/suspense. J.D Robb and Lee Child are a couple of my fave authors. I also read historical romances and I don’t have a favorite author in that genre. Paranormal romances are also fun and I love discovering new-to-me authors.

When writing your description of your hero/ine what feature do you start with? Eyes, age, hair color, etc? 
I begin with the eyes, mouth, and hair. When I visualize a person, this is often the first thing I see and then I go from there.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Definitely a pantser. I tried plotting and in some cases it will work for me, but I do enjoy just going with the flow.

Did you have any other careers before devoting yourself to being a full-time writer?
Yes I did. I worked as a bank teller, call center rep, fast food manager, line cook, and a cake decorator.

When not writing, how do you relax?
Sometimes I forget to do this, but long, hot showers are good. Also any time I can spend with my hubby and children. Family is a joy.

What sound drives you crazy?
Picture this, a large church sanctuary, vaulted ceiling, 1000+ people. Every single one of them picks up a hymnal and flips the pages. The noisy fluttering builds to a deafening crescendo and finally recedes. Just thinking about that sound makes me grit my teeth. *shudders*

What is sexier boxer or briefs?
Boxer briefs. Thinking about stretchy cotton molded to thick, muscular thigh. Yeah, definitely boxers.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? Or where is the craziest place you made your characters have sex?
I can’t tell you the craziest place I’ve had sex, my hubby reads these. :-) Now, the craziest place I made my characters have sex was the back of a moving limo. Nothing like a little seatbelt bondage.

What’s your favorite curse word?

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would be the most essential for you?
Good question. Internet, laptop, and my husband.

*Please share with us your future projects and upcoming releases.
I have two, thus far. Both are short sensual erotic stories. One is Mistletoe Mambo and will be featured in a Christmas anthology through Still Moments Publishing and the other is Decadent Seconds through Whispers Publishing.

Please share any links you would like listed in the Interview. Website, Myspace, blog, facebook, yahoo group etc.

Haunted by nightmares, Sheridan Sinclair just wants to get through one night without reliving the terrible accident that led to her miscarriage. And she longs for the arms of the man who betrayed her. Matthew Sinclair has always loved his wife, but when she refuses to speak to him after her accident, he's left to wonder what went wrong. When a stolen kiss ignites their forgotten passion, he'll use their love as a means to get her home and in his bed again. Will a husband’s plan of seduction be enough to heal a wife’s broken heart?

Delia has just three rules for dating. First, a man should never assume he’s the only one. Second, he must stick to his day and time. Third, and most important, no sex. Following the rules has never been a problem until she meets the hottie from the pool.
Jace has only days to make every moment count, but the more time he spends with Delia, the more he realizes she may be the one. With the cruise winding down and their attraction growing, there’s only one course of action left to take. Can he convince Delia that rules are meant to be broken?
Releasing: October 7, 2011

Bio: W. Lynn Chantale resides in southeastern Michigan. Married to her high school sweetheart, they’ve been together for the last twenty years, and have three children. She has a mad affinity for milk chocolate, preferably Dove chocolate truffles or the caramel-filled squares (Godiva is acceptable), and plays the bass guitar when the Muse begs for a bit of distraction.
She’s also a member of Romance Writers of America as well Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America, Passionate Ink and Kiss of Death groups. She has one release, Seducing His Wife and a short story, Decadent Seconds under contract with Whispers Publishing. Also look for Breaking Delia’s Rules, from Breathless Press.


  1. Nice interview.
    I total got the mental image of the Sunday Mass sounds that makes you crazy. I'm not big on organized religion in great numbers, either.
    However, I gotta say, boxers don't do it for me:)
    Good luck on your next project.
    Sherri A. Dub

  2. Hi Sherri. Thankfully I don't have to go to the large services on a regular basis. I'd go nuts listening to that sound Every Sunday. Thank you so much for stopping by. And there's nothing wrong with briefs...I think it depends on the guy wearing them...

  3. can I just say that the fact you talked about a church service noise that only those who have attended a lot of the darn things can totally relate to is AWESOME (preacher's kid here).
    for me the church sound I hate is the guy with the irritating cough--there's one every Sunday!
    great interview. good luck with all your writing!

  4. Yeah, TV leaves that little detail out. And the guy with the cough was there, him and his twin. Thanks for dropping by Liz.

  5. Hi W. Lynne! I am cracking up about the hymnal pages. That's just too funny! Especially cuz I love that sound. Now BANG! There's a sound that I hate. Nothing good ever follows a BANG! I think a bit of me leaked into JW in that respect. I'm excited for all your upcoming and soon to be published works! Can't wait to read them alllllll!

  6. Hi AJ. I'm glad somebody loves that sound. If I'm not mistaken doesn't Jezebel's Wish open with a Bang!

  7. Cool interview. Another panster in the house. And I like boxer briefs too. :)

  8. Yes ma'am and I like it just fine.