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Brita Addams

Thank you so much for having me at Seriously Reviewed today. I'm on this site often, checking out books I'd like to read, so it's nice being your guest.

When writing your description of your hero/ine what feature do you start with? Eyes, age, hair color, etc?  I seem to always start with the eyes. That's the first thing I notice about a person, so it's a natural that I would start with smoldering, blue (or whatever color) eyes.

Is there anything special you do to get in the mood to write? Truly, I just get up. I spend a lot of time thinking about what comes next while I'm waking up or before I go to sleep. I just grab a cup of coffee and let the games begin.

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why? That's an interesting question. It would really depend upon your reading preference. I have some het stories that are historical and heavily into erotic BDSM. The Sapphire Club series tells the story of members of the fictional sex club during the Regency period. The last in the series, Chocolate, Tea, and the Duchess is a ménage.

I have another ménage, Splendid Captivity, which is another historical and is in ebook, print and soon in audio. I also have a m/m vampire historical with BDSM elements.

Then I have my contemporary gay fiction, Free Me, and its sequel, In His Arms. It has light BDSM and is the story of two guys finding love with each other. I also have A Minute After Midnight, two guys discovering love—again.

I have two sensual historical stories – Her Timeless Obsession, which I wrote under the name, Tina Ordone and The Rogue's Salvation, about two indulged people who come together after a tragedy and find love together.

Last and maybe one of my very favorites, is An Evening at the Starlight, which has no romance at all, but tells the story of a romance that means a lot to the teller. It's based on a real story, slightly modified, from my family history.

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories? I hope my characters will resonate with the reader, even in historicals. Human nature is what it is and feelings are universal. I hope my stories stay with people and they know that I put my heart and soul into each one.

How do you deal with bad book reviews? I just did a blog post about this subject. I've gotten my share of bad reviews and at first, they really got to me. Then I started reading reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and saw them in a whole new light.

Reviews are opinions, I have them, you have them, everyone does. More and more reviews are trending toward grading a book on what the reviewer wishes the book was and not one what it really was—it was too short, the price (especially if they didn't like the book,) the ending wasn't what the person wanted, the story didn't have enough or had too much internal or external conflict for their tastes, they bought the book and didn't know it was an historical, etc, etc.

As an author, I think that anyone, including myself, who reviews books, should grade it on the story that was written and not the one they wish was written.

These days, I don't pay much attention to the bad reviews, satisfying myself that I'm a reader too and there are books I don't like. The good ones I eat up like a great piece of pie. LOL

What song would best describe your life? All my ex's live in Texas. Sad, but true.

What is the last thing you do before turning off the lights at bedtime? Take off my glasses.

Cat’s or dog’s? I have a grouchy, old orange tabby cat named Stormee and a two year old puppy named Fiona. Sooo, I guess I'm both, at least for those two.

What’s for dinner tonight? My husband made a yummy big, fat juicy burgers, onion rings, and French fries.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would you wish for? 1) I wish that my daughter could bend her arms and legs (she has a disability called Arthrogryposis); 2) I wish I was twenty years younger; 3) I wish I'd met my husband ten years sooner.

What’s number one on your list of things you hope to do before you die? I want to go to England for a nice long holiday. Years ago, I went to Scotland, but never went to the one place I'd truly love to go. Since so many of my stories take place in England, visiting there would definitely trump all the research I do. J

Is there anything additional you would like to share with your readers? I love to write and I try to write stories that people will appreciate. I hope my readers will enjoy the new stories I write but will also enjoy my older stuff.

*Please share with us your future projects and upcoming releases. My newest release, Demands of the Heart, tells the story of Richard Fanshaw and Victoria Bramhill. It starts in 1807, when they are young and just falling in love. They are innocent, naïve, and can see nothing but each other.

Victoria's father enters into a contract with a wealthy nobleman—his debts would be paid in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage. The deal destroys Victoria and Richard's lives.

Years later, Victoria is widowed and Richard is cynical. They meet by chance and that meeting sets Richard's plan for revenge in motion. The one thing he doesn't count on is the demands of the heart.

This is actually the first story I ever wrote, though it's gone through several rewrites and some heavy editing. I truly love the story and twists and turns it takes.

I have a male/male historical called For Men Like Us submitted and at this writing, I'm waiting to hear from the publisher. I'm reworking a het that's ages old and then I will dive into writing a male/male story set in old Hollywood. I'm excited to get back to it, as I've done tons of research and old Hollywood is something that I have a huge interest in.

I hope readers will enjoy Demands. It's truly a book very close to my heart. You can purchase Demands of the Heart at Noble Romance.

Email address:

Twitter: @britaaddams

20% off To celebrate the release of Demand's of the Heart, Noble Romance Publishing is offering my entire backlist at 20% off. This is for sales on the Noble Romance Publishing site only and only my titles.

There's no limit. Buy one book, or all seven, you'll get 20% off your purchase. The eligible titles are: Serenity's Dream; Lord Decadent's Obsession; Chocolate, Tea, and the Duchess; The Rogue's Salvation; A Minute After Midnight; An Evening at the Starlight, and the book I wrote under the name Tina Ordone, Her Timeless Obsession.

The price you'll see is the reduced price.

The sale will run from midnight, Pacific time, February 20 to 11:59 pm Pacific time, March 2.

This is a backlist sale, so it doesn't include Demands of the Heart.

I have several contests running during the book tour, ending at midnight, March 2.

Contest #1:

DAILY WINNER I'll choose a daily winner from the commenters. I'll will be giving away an ebook from my backlist at each stop. The only exclusion is Demands of the Heart. One book per commenter, please.

Contest #2:
Demands of the Heart T-Shirt Contest
If you answer the three questions correctly, you could be one of four winners. The prize will be a T-Shirt with the cover of the book on it. The shirt also says that the cover is model, Jimmy Thomas's 1500th cover. There will be four winners, each winning a T-Shirt and other swag.

All answers are found on Brita's website.

Please do NOT put the answers in the comments section of this blog or on Brita's site. Email them to Brita, with T-Shirt Answers in the subject line.

  1. What book did I write under another name?
  2. Who is the character, Lucien Damrill, patterned after?
  3. Describe the signature brandy snifter at the Sapphire Club.
Contest #3: GRAND PRIZE
This contest is about Demands of the Heart. Of course, you're under no obligation to buy or read the book, but if you choose to, this contest is for you.

I've put three questions up on my website, all relating to my book, Demands of the Heart. Answer the questions and EMAIL me, with the answers, at  Be sure to put GRAND PRIZE in the subject line.

You must have all three questions answered correctly to be entered into the drawing.

The Grand Prize is the entire Sapphire Club series in print, signed by the author. I'll also include some other signed swag.

Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Shanon Grey

First, let me thank you for taking the time to visit with me. As a writer, I want people to know about me but find I don’t have as much time as I thought I would. I appreciate Seriously Interviewed helping people get to know me.

What is your favorite thing about being a romance writer?

My readers. Of course, I love writing or I wouldn’t be doing it. But, I’ve discovered that the readers are what keep me going. I have made some incredible friends because of my writing. When someone reads The Shoppe of Spells or Pennyroyal Christmas and sends me a note, or post one on my website, Facebook page, or twitter, they are always so sweet and wonderful. It truly makes my day. It makes me want to be the best writer I can be—for them.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Time management. I am very fortunate. Writing comes easy to me. Managing everything else is nearly impossible. Like everyone else, the economy has hit us very hard. My husband works hourly when he’s at the top of his field. I spend a lot of days budgeting to survive, making ends meet and looking for outside work to tide us over. I took time off to raise my children and write so now I’m hitting an overfilled work force with gaps in my resume. Being a published author does not impress them. Well…that’s not true…they are very nice…and want an autograph, but that’s about it. So, I fit in writing every other moment. It’s my joy. My de-stressor. My characters are always there waiting patiently—not so much, sometimes—for me to get back to them. And when the book hits the market and I start getting those wonderful comments from my readers, I feel like I can do anything.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Oh, heavens, I am a pantser. I tried plotting once and nearly drove myself crazy. My stories are character driven and once I introduce them, they take over and tell me the story. I just hope my fingers move fast enough. I will dream about them. They will work out difficult scenes or give me ideas while I sleep. Like in real life, there are many twists and turns that arise while writing. I let those just happen. Sometimes my characters will totally surprise me. Sometimes a new character will jump in. I do try to have an idea of where I want to head, but once I start writing, it’s by the seat of my pants all the way.

How long have you been a writer?

Most of my life. Making money writing since college. I started editing articles and papers in college, then professors would give me outlines and data and I would write. I was offered a job as an Assistant Editor for a regional trade magazine, then went to work as a Technical Editor for government contractors. I wrote my first novel when I was in my twenties and was given a difficult time because it was too “out there.” It was paranormal romance. See how far we’ve come? I am so happy we have. I love writing paranormal romance. Mine is a little different in that my characters are pretty normal people trying to deal with these abilities. I hope to spend the rest of my life writing. In fact, they may have to pry my computer away to bury me. That’s how much I love doing what I do.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything on your road to publication?

If I got a “do over,” I would change two things. One, I would have finished college. I was on my own and trying to survive and the technical writing jobs were just too lucrative to pass up. I was lucky that I did research and all sorts of wonderful things, but I never got that degree. I really wish I had. In the larger view of things, that’s not that much time. The other is that I would have pushed to get my work out a whole lot sooner. I let life intervene. And, trust me, life can really do that. Then my original manuscript, which I had just finished editing, wouldn’t be at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, where Katrina took it and all the computers along with everything else. So, I recommend two things. Get a degree and get your work out. Just do it!


If you could be a paranormal creature, which one would you be?

I don’t think I’ve been invented yet because I want to be completely different. I’ve tried to give it some thought but I haven’t come up with it—yet. I am still working on it. It could do most anything and become invisible at will, yet be brilliant and compassionate—yet not be a god. I don’t know if it would be humanoid or not. I’ll let you know.

What’s a guilty pleasure you have?

Oriental food. Good—no, excellent—oriental food. I don’t know if that’s politically correct or not. Maybe Asian inspired before it definitely crosses a broad range of cuisines. But I could eat it every single day and never tire of it. Lobster Cantonese, Lomein, Rama, Egg Rolls, Gyosa, Lumpia. The list goes on and on. Geesh—now I’m hungry.

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Danger, curves ahead. Both physically and mentally. I lived my youth lean and mean, surfing (well, trying to anyway), eating what I wanted and never gaining an ounce. I had children and my thyroid stopped working, so I have curves that would have served me much better when I was younger. LOL. Mentally, I’m a dreamer. I am always thinking up my next story, sometimes to the concern of those around me. A discussion can turn rather strange when I inject a scenario out of a storyline into a normal conversation without warning. Fortunately, friends and family have learned to read between the lines.

Who’s more fun, bad boys or perfect gentlemen and why?

How about perfect gentlemen who are bad boys or bad boys who really are perfect gentlemen. There is nothing more exciting than to have a multi-layered man around. Someone who thinks outside the box yet respects you. Someone who’ll give you the lead, yet watch your back. Someone in a suit who can melt you with a smoldering stare. Someone in leather and body art who can whip up a gourmet meal. Yeow!

What’s number one on your list of things you hope to do before you die?

Celebrate my 150th birthday in great health with my 150th bestseller having just been released.

Seriously! That’s it. Actually, I have achieved it. I am a published author. I always wanted to do that. From way back when. One of my best friends told me I would. Unfortunately, she passed before it happened. The other things I also have—a loving husband and two incredible children. Now, I’ll work on that other thing.


I want to thank all the readers who have taken the time to not only read my books, but also took the time to send a note, write a quick review (without spoilers) and be encouraging. Once our books are published, we are the most vulnerable of creatures, waiting, hoping, and praying for good results. Your words mean the world to us. They can make us or break us. No matter what anyone says, we write for you, our readers.

At present I have a short story, “Glynda’s Dare” in the anthology, All Bets Are On!, a novella, “Pennyroyal Christmas,” and a novel, The Shoppe of Spells, part of the Gatekeeper Series, all available. Meadow’s Keep, the second in the series, is due out this spring. Since I’m a multitasker, I’m working on several other things for the upcoming months.

I love hearing from people. They can generally find me or reach me at the places below.

My website is full of writings and things about Ruthorford, my stories, and me. Please visit.

I am on Facebook as well:

If you want to write me, I would love hearing from you. I hope to have a newsletter out in a month or so. My email is.

I hope this gives you an idea of me as an author and a person. Thanks for letting me visit.

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Bianca Sommerland- and contest

Interview With Max Perron
Kristina smoothed her hands over her grey, knee length pencil skirt as she took a seat on the white leather chair, and glanced over at the camera crew setting up at the other side of the small studio. The bright lights blinded her, and the way the director pointed at her as he addressed the cameraman made her flush and tremble. Interviews were hard enough with just a voice recorder or a pad and pen, but in front of a camera . . . .
I'm going to pass out.
"Hey." Someone came to her side and took her hand in his as he knelt. "You just went white, sugar. You all right?"
Her eyes widened. She stopped breathing and stared into his eyes, feeling like she'd taken a trip from reality and woken up on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. The sun caressed her cheeks and she smiled.
"Okay, that's a bit better." He chuckled and his southern accent softened his tone into something comforting and familiar. "You wanna try breathing now?"
She nodded.
He frowned and squeezed her fingers. "Now, Kristina. Deep inhale." His lips curved. "Or do you need mouth-to-mouth?"
Yes, please! Her cheeks caught fire as she pictured the cameramen watching them and she quickly shook her head, inhaling deep before she spoke. "No, thank you . . . . Mr. Perron?"
His eyes narrowed slightly. "Ever call me that again, missy, and I'll tan your hide."
"I'm sorry! I—"
"Kristina, I'm joking!" He patted her hand and took the seat across from her. "I want you to feel comfortable in front of the cameras—Bianca told me you weren't used to them. Shake all the nerves now, honey. Get used to calling me Max, like we're old friends. I reckon you'll be asking me some rather personal questions?"
"Yeah . . . ." Kristina glanced down at her notes and worried her bottom lip with her teeth. "You sure you're okay with this?"
"I deal with the media every day." His brow furrowed and he leaned forward as the director announced they were about to start filming. "It's you I'm worried about."
For some reason his concern made the cameras and the lights and all the people watching less intimidating. She was able to focus on Max, and despite his handsome face and big, solid, sexy body . . . okay, it was rather distracting, but something in his smile helped with the old friend suggestion.
"I'm good," Kristina said.
"Good girl." Max winked, then laughed when she ducked her head.
"Ready?" The director straightened and gestured to the cameraman when Max nodded. "In 5, 4, 3, 2—"
Kristina took her cue and smiled at the camera. "Thank you for tuning in as we welcome Max Perron, the Dartmouth Cobras' leader in assists and last year's MVP, to our show. Max, may I say I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me."
"My pleasure, Kristina." Max relaxed into his chair, arm draped over the back, and idly ran his fingers over the transparent stitching in the leather, his gaze trapping hers. "None of the other men were comfortable discussing the . . . intimate details of their personal lives. I don't have a problem with it."
"You don't?" The interview. Focus on the interview. "Uh . . . okay, well, my first question is something I don't think you've been asked recently, but if you have, please just clarify for our viewers. Why do they call you The Catalyst?"
"I make things happen." His lips twitched as she licked her bottom lip. "On the ice. I see it like a chess game, three moves ahead, and I know my teammates well enough that I'm usually right about how the play will turn out."
"Are you like that in other aspects of your life?"
"Sometimes." He drew himself forward and rested his elbows on his knees. "For example, I can tell you want to ask me some questions that have nothing to do with hockey, but you're stalling. So I'm going to ask the assistant director to get us each a glass of wine. This will help you relax and help me answer your next question."
Lips parted slightly, Kristina stared at him as he glanced over at the assistant director who brought the wine glasses over right away. The red liquid sloshed in the glass as the man quickly handed them each a glass and hurried off.
The sweetness of the wine surprised her and she took a few sips before looking up at Max. "Mmm, this is wonderful! I've never had wine that wasn't bitter."
"I thought you'd like it." Max smiled and his tongue flicked some wine from the rim of his glass. "Now ask me about my kink, sugar. Ask me as you slowly sip the wine and let it slide over your tongue and down your throat."
She couldn't quite form a question, all her senses had turned to the wine, but she managed to get some words out. "You're a voyeur."
"Yes." Max's tone took on a gently, lulling quality. "Are you enjoying the wine, Kristina?"
"Mmm." Another sip. Absolutely delicious. "Yes."
"You want to know how a voyeur can get off on just watching. Show me how much you enjoy it. Take your time and taste it and know you're sharing the experience with me with every reaction . . . ."
Her taste buds tingled as they explored the body of the wine. Her eyes fluttered shut as Max spoke.
"Your lashes are fluttering and I can tell you've turned all your senses inward. You're not just tasting the wine, you're feeling pleasure as the smoothness fills your mouth—take another sip, Kristina." His command created a throbbing down low and her thighs clenched. "The aroma is adding to the flavour. You're feeling warm and all you can think is that you want more."
Oh! She glared at the glass. It was empty.
"More would be wonderful."
He grinned. "I'll leave you the bottle. Now did that answer your question?"
"No." She realized she was practically sulking on camera and sat up straight, plastering an inquisitive smile on her face. "How in the world did you get anything out of that? I actually experienced the pleasure of drinking the wine." Her cheeks heated, she forced the next words out. "You just watched."
"No. I was able to fully observe the pleasure you received from something I gave you. While all your focus was turned inward, all my focus was on you."
"But I thought voyeurs just got off on watching sex." She slapped her hand over her mouth and almost dropped her glass. Blunt much?
Max arched a brow. "Do you know many voyeurs?"
"No." She looked around for somewhere to put her glass and smiled gratefully at the assistant director when he came and took it from her. "I just assumed . . . ."
"I'm not surprised. To tell you the truth, I don't know many voyeurs either." He shrugged. "Everyone is different. I've been this way for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid. It wasn't sexual; I just liked seeing how people reacted to things that made them happy. I always made my dad get expensive gift bags for all my friends so I could watch their faces light up when they opened them. I insisted it was part of my gift, so he would let me come along to pick out things I thought each kid would like. He thought I was just generous."
"So . . . ." She paused, pressed her lips together, and thought out her next question carefully. "Is that why you're okay with sharing the woman you love?"
"Yes. That's exactly why." He sat back and rubbed his knees with his hands. "Honestly, I would have been fine without sharing if Oriana was uncomfortable with it, but when I saw it was something she needed. And not from just anyone . . . ."
Kristina nodded. She knew a bit about the other men and couldn't imagine having to choose only one. "They had to be men you trusted with her though, right?"
"Right." His brow furrowed. "I don't want anyone to get the impression that I would be okay with handing her off to just anyone. Oriana isn't the type of person to sleep around. We had one special night where she got to enjoy the attentions of several men, but after that I could see there was more with two of them. I let things take their natural course and made sure she knew she had my full support, no matter what she decided."
"Would it have bothered you if she hadn't chosen any of them? If she wanted someone else?"
 Max went still. "That's a good question." He brought one hand up to rub the back of his neck. "I really don't know. Oriana's been hurt enough. Bringing in a man I didn't know well would have been hard. If he hurt her . . . ." His jaw clenched. Then he laughed. "Thankfully, that wasn't necessary."
The director made a cutting motion, telling them time was almost up.
Going over her notes, Kristina saw that she had one question left. "All right. We've got to wrap this up, I see you've got an away game and have a flight to catch. I just have to ask . . . ." She laid her notepad on her lap. "Does it bother you when Oriana is alone with the other men? When you don't get to watch?"
Without hesitation, Max replied, "not at all. Oriana has gotten very good at sharing all the spicy details and it heats things up when we're alone. Just the expression on her face when she remembers everything is enough to get me hard."
Oh. My. God. Kristina brought her hand to her throat and crossed her thighs. "T-thank you for being so open with us, Max. And g-good luck with your next game."
"You're very welcome, Kristina." Max reached out and took her hand. "I think Oriana will like hearing about this interview. She's got some voyeur in her too I think."
"But she won't—" Don't even go there!
Max smiled and shook his head. "No, sugar. She doesn't share."
* * *
The game has always cast a shadow over Oriana Delgado's life. She should hate the game. But she doesn't. The passion and the energy of the sport is part of her. But so is the urge to drop the role of the Dartmouth Cobra owner's 'good daughter' and find a less...conventional one.

Playmaker, Max Perron, never expected a woman to accept him and his twisted desires. Oriana came close, but he wasn't surprised when she walked away. A girl like her needs normal. Which he can't give her. He's too much of a team player, and not just on the ice.

But then Oriana's father goes too far in trying to control her and she decides to use exposure as blackmail. Just the implication of her spending the night with the Cobra's finest should get her father to back off.

Turns out a team player is exactly what she needs.


This ebook contains material not suitable for readers under 18. In also contains scenes
that some may find objectionable, including BDSM, ménage sex, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, double penetration, voyeurism, edge play, and hockey equipment being used inappropriately.
Blood rushed to his groin. He looked down at the woman in his arms, a woman he'd willingly have waited a lifetime for, and imagined sharing her with one of his closest friends. Or both. Or several.
He groaned as Oriana's hand glided over his stomach, then down to cover his stiff erection. Without his jeans to muffle the sensation, he would have come right then. Rein it in a little, Perron.
Ice, helmets, smelly gloves, ugly guys with no teeth—there, he'd regained control of his body. He traced a finger along Oriana's hip bone, dipped under the elastic of her panties, touched her silken folds.
Which weren't as moist as he'd expected.
"You not into this, babe?" He kept his tone neutral so she wouldn't think he was upset. Not that she'd been explicit, but he'd known she and Paul had problems with sex. 'Course, he'd blamed Paul—and still did—but maybe there was more to it.
"I'm into it, I just—" Her hips wiggled, and she tried to clamp her legs shut as he lightly tapped his fingertip on her clit. "I keep wondering what you're thinking about. Just me? Or me with the men?"
A half-truth, but he'd go along with it. "Honestly?"
She nodded.
"I was thinking about you and Mason, about how beautifully submissive you were." At that her breath hitched, and she grew nice and slick around his fingertips. He dipped two fingers inside her and smiled as her eyes glazed with pleasure. "And then with Callahan—" Her hot, tight pussy squeezed his fingers. "You seemed a little scared, but there was a dark passion in your eyes."
Her lips formed silent words before she whispered. "Max . . . ."
In this perfect setting, the two of them under the moonlight, with only sleepy plants watching, they could give each other some satisfaction. But how shallow would it be? He withdrew his fingers and caught her elbow with a hand when she swayed.
"No!" She held on to him, her eyes wide. "I want you!"
"Do you now?" He cupped her breasts and grazed his thumbs in slow circles around her nipples. His gentle ministrations had her bucking her hips and moaning out loud. "Tell me who you're thinking of, love. Just me, or more?"
* * * *
"More!" Oriana gasped as he rolled the jersey up to her throat and bent down to kiss the swell of her breasts."Oh!"
Without a moment's pause, he bared her breasts and began suckling the taut flesh of one, then the other. The sensation coiled around her clit, and her insides clamped down on nothingness, aching to be filled.
"Please." She pressed against him, her hips seeking his with aimless forward thrusts. "Max, please!"
"This will be enough, darlin'." His tongue traced the edges of her areola, coming closer and closer to her nipple. He let the moisture left behind cool while he brought his lips to hers and stole her breath with a fierce kiss. His palms covered her breasts, molding them gently, leaving her nipples untouched. "I never would have asked you to be with the men. I would have done everything in my power to be the man you needed, but you want them, don't you?"
"Mmm." She threw her head back as he lightly brushed his fingertips over her nipples, and every nerve in the tiny nubs greedily absorbed the sensation. Being neglected had made them hypersensitive. She almost wanted to pull away, it was almost too much, but his words had her ready to come apart. Visions of hot hands and mouths all over her made her knees lock and her core clench convulsively.
"Tell me. Tell me exactly what you want us to do to you." He caught her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, rolling them, tugging lightly before lowering his mouth to flick each with his tongue. "Don't come until you answer me, Oriana."
"Ah!" Her eyes teared as she fought the urge to surrender to the building climax. "Everything! Anything! Just . . . just . . . ."
His tongue fluttered over the tip of her nipple, faster and faster. He sucked the nipple, playing it carefully between his teeth, then resumed the fluttering. "Very good. You may come now, sugar."
At another flick, pleasure burst from her breasts and flared out from her cunt. She cried out as the sensations came together and ignited from everywhere at once. Her knees gave out, and Max held her tight as she rode the violent orgasm until she was deliciously spent.
Supporting her with an arm around her waist, Max straightened her bra, then her jersey. Her skin tingled as the material touched her, and she whimpered, suddenly, desperately needy. She wanted to strip and beg him to take her again and again.
"Don't give me that look." He palmed her cheek and kissed her. "It's getting cold. We'll head back to my place and get you warmed up. See where your head's at."
"Where my head's at?" She blinked at him as he draped his jacket over her shoulder. "But you said—"
"A bit of mental stimulation, Oriana." He glanced down at her bare feet and shook his head, cursing under his breath. "Mason would kick my ass if he knew I had you out here like this."
He shook his head again and she groaned. No more talking. He obviously wanted her to make her decisions with a clear head.
But exactly what would clear-headed Oriana decide?
To tell the truth, she had no idea.
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Tara Fox

What genres and authors would we find you reading when taking a break from your own writing?
I read most anything, from bios to horror to romance to non-fiction. As for authors, I always favored Stephen King, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Pendergast books, Nelson Demille, Brian Lumley, William W. Johnstone, Tami Hoag, Rita Mae Brown, and many others. Recently I’ve become fans of Jenny Twist, and also of T. Fox Durham, fellow authors I’ve met since being published. I’m always interested in new authors coming out.

Do you have travel when researching your books? If yes, where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?
The most interesting place I enjoy visiting is Letchworth State Park, which is in Western New York. I went there first for my honeymoon years ago. I go there now every year with my mom for a girl’s getaway. When I began writing, I couldn’t wait to use the romantic settings in some of my works, and took copious notes when I was there last fall. The upcoming short story Night Music of Midnight Thirsts 2 (available from Melange Books in May 2012) is set completely at Letchworth State Park. The work includes some of the landmarks, like the three huge waterfalls, the historic Glen Iris Inn, the beautiful scenic views of the river gorge, such as Inspiration Point, and the amazing stonework that graces so much of the park in bridges, walls, stairs, and culverts. You can see some pics of this lovely park here:

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?
I would ask you which genres you enjoy. If you said romance, I’d offer you the novella Surrender To Me, a historical vampire romance, or the novella Return To Me, a contemporary paranormal romance. If you said horror, I’d offer you Just Shadows, my first horror/suspense anthology from Bradley Publishing, or recommend Spellbound 2011, which has my terrifying short story “The Origin of Fear.” If you said erotica, I’d recommend Wicked Christmas Wishes, which features my short story, “Kink.” All of these stories can be read independently of one another. I like to write in various genres, and plan to try out others in the future. But you will see romance and suspense/horror works from me regularly, I promise.

            All that said, Surrender To Me was my first romance work, and it’s probably most representative of the romance that I write. Devlin, the gorgeous vampire relaying the tale, will show up in other books of mine. So I’d recommend starting with that one. There’s action, adventure, and some passionate sex, along with a HFN for 3$. What’s not to like? J

How do you deal with rejection letters?
Initially, I threw them away. Shortly after, I began to track them, as I needed to know whom I’d already submitted to, so I didn’t waste time sending more submissions to someone who sent a form letter rejection. Over the years, I got depressed by the sheer stack of how many there were, and put them in a file that I tried not to look at too much when I stuffed in more. When I finally got published, I took them all out, sorted them by name, and put them in alphabetical order in a ring binder with the title “Tara’s Shit List.” It was probably juvenile, but it made me feel much better about the whole thing! J

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything on your road to publication?
I’d have not wasted my time courting agents, and instead worked harder to get my work out there and have it ready by others. There are so many places online that want new work and can make you feel valued for your writing efforts. There are many small publishing houses that appreciate new authors. I do wish I’d taken that route sooner. I’d have been happier, and wasted a lot less time, energy, paper, envelopes, and stamps.

What song would best describe your life?
Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones

What is the last thing you do before turning off the lights at bedtime?
I check to make sure the light in the snake tank is on, so Hannibal doesn’t get cold during the night. He’s my kingsnake.

What is the first thing you do in the mornings?
Try to determine if it’s a day I have to obey the alarm, or if I can sleep in.

What is sexier boxer or briefs?
Briefs, of course. I want to see what’s there. Boxers are way, way too loose.

What’s your favorite curse word?
I enjoy them all equally, though the F-word would probably have to take precedence.

*Please share with us your future projects and upcoming releases.

2012 contracted Releases:

Just Shadows suspense horror anthology - Jan 2012  e-book

End of Days horror/suspense Serial in Dark Eclipse Magazine - beginning Feb 2012  e-book

Lash - action/adventure/suspense novel - April 2012 print and e-book

Partners (suspense) and Night Music (romance) in Midnight Thirsts anthology May 2012 print and e-book

Promise Me (first in vampire romance/suspense novel series) print and e-book

Broken Promise (1st Sequel) - Sept 2012 print and e-book

Taken in the night (2nd Sequel) - Dec 2012 print and e-book.

There are other projects I’m working on, but they have not been confirmed/contracted for yet J

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