Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ava Delany

When writing your description of your hero/ine what feature do you start with? Eyes, age, hair color, etc?  It really depends on what I want to say about the character. In A Librarian's Desire, my first description of her is of her Happy Burger uniform. I want the reader to see how mundane her life is before she meets the hot frat guy. In A Soldier's Woman, my first description of her is her thinking of herself as the chubby girl with her head down. I want the reader to see that she's got a low self esteem and is a bit shy.

I think description can tell you a lot about the character and first impressions are important.

Is there anything special you do to get in the mood to write?
Depends on what I’m writing. If I really want a hot love scene, sometimes I'll watch a few of my favorite sexy movies to get in the mood. (There are some hot love scenes in movies like Wild Orchid, 91/2 Weeks, etc...)

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I'm a pantser, for the most part, however, I've started plotting lately. I've got to plot a little for some of my interconnected stories.

Did you have any other careers before devoting yourself to being a full-time writer?
I was a teacher. The biggest difference between the work I did then and the work I do now is that I used to be the one grading the papers, and now it seems like I'm always waiting with bated breath to see if I got an A or an F. ;)

How do your family and/or friends feel about your book or writing venture in general?
Erotic romance is a difficult genre. Most of my family and friends are supportive of my writing in general. Some even pushed me to put myself out there and try to get published. They've been very good to me. But of course, as with most erotic writers I’m sure, only some know what I write. Several don't even know I write at all. It's a lonely job, the job of writing, but most of us knew that ahead of time. Some of us live with it and others chose this work for that very reason.

What is sexier boxer or briefs?
Boxer-briefs. Yum!!

Who’s more fun, bad boys or perfect gentlemen and why?
Yes please! I'll take both, depending on my mood. The bad boy, like Todd from A Surprising Day, is so hot. He'll show you things you never knew you wanted to see. The perfect gentleman, like Daniel from A Librarian's Desire, is hot in his own rite. He'll protect you from the jerks and pervs.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? Or where is the craziest place you made your characters have sex?
In The Librarian's Love, the Daniel and Erica rekindle their relationships in the library stacks. As for me... I guess I'd have to say a tennis court at 2am. ;)

If you could have three wishes granted, what would you wish for?
I guess more wishes is out, right? Well, I guess I'd have to say safety for my loved ones, a perfect body, and the ability to make each new novel better than the last.

What’s number one on your list of things you hope to do before you die?
I'd love to see my books on the rack at Barnes and Noble with a crowd of excited readers clamoring for each copy.

*Please share with us your future projects and upcoming releases.

 The first book in my new series, A Librarian's Desire, recently came out. A Soldier's Woman, the next in the series is coming out on Sept 9th, and the third, A Surprising Day, will come out Nov 4th.

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  1. Hi Ava!
    Characters are the most important part of a story for me. It helps to get a clear picture of them in my head because I am a visual reader but just as important are their traits. They are what will make them stand out in my mind :)