Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angela Addams

I would like to welcome author Angela Addams to SR. Her book, Assassin, is avaliable at Cobblestone Press for purchase. Check out her interview questions and answer's. :)

What genres and authors would we find you reading when taking a break from your own writing?

I read a lot of everything and I usually am reading two or three books at a time in a variety of genres. I’m particularly drawn to paranormal and historical romance at the moment though, Rhyannon Byrd, Kresley Cole, Veronica Wolff. I’m also a huge fan of urban fantasy from authors like Kelley Armstrong and D.B. Reynolds. I’ve just discovered Adrian Phoenix as well, and I’m quite enjoying her books! On the other side of things, I read a lot of Christopher Moore, John Irving and Wilkie Collins. So I’m all over the place reading wise!

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with and why?
You should start with Assassin because it’s my newest. It’s hot and action packed and I really love my characters. Here’s a little blurb:
As an Assassin trained by the human government to hunt vampires, Stella knows a thing or two about killing. She’s an expert huntress, follows orders and obeys her commander without fault. That is until she sees her newest target and finds herself enthralled, unable to complete her mission to capture the mysterious vampire named Garrett. Betraying all that she has ever known, Stella must accept Garrett’s help to find the buried secrets of her past while at the same time exploring the unexplainable physical magnetism that she and Garrett share.

How would your friends describe you?
My friends would say that I’m a hard worker…like Type A hard! I get things done, which makes me really reliable. If I tell you I’m going to do something, I do it.

How do your family and/or friends feel about your book or writing venture in general?
My family and friends are all very supportive, although I only share my e-publishing ventures with my closest friends and family. The whole erotica thing is not something that I share openly which is why I write under a pen name. A lot of my friends think it’s hilarious that I present myself one way and then produce some steamy stuff in my writing. I guess to look at me, you wouldn’t peg me as an erotic romance writer.

How long have you been a writer?
Well, of course, I’ve been writing since I was a child. As a lot of authors seem to say, it’s something that I always wanted to do and would always spend my free time doing. I’ve been writing seriously for about three years and I’ve completed five novels to date. I’m currently working on revisions with my agent and hope that one of those five will soon be published!

If you could be a paranormal creature, which one would you be?
I would be a vampire. I absolutely hate the sun so I wouldn’t mind venturing out at night. I think it would be very cool to be able to have the strength and speed of a vampire along with the immortality. I’m sure I could get used to the whole drinking blood thing too! I do like my steak rare after all!

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
Don’t stick your fingers in the cage…she bites!

Who’s more fun, bad boys or perfect gentlemen and why?
I’m so drawn to the bad boy, in fact, I married one! My husband was such a bad ass as a teenager. When I met him, it was the middle of winter and he was wearing a leather jacket with no shirt on and he was running around playing soccer, drunk beyond belief, in the middle of the street. It was sexy as hell and I totally fell for him. Of course, he is a gentleman to me always but the bad boy never disappears completely!

What’s your favorite curse word?
Motherfucker. Or any use of the word fucker. It’s so naughty!

What is your favorite candy bar?
I love all forms of chocolate. It’s the best form of bribery you could dangle in front of me.

You can find me at or follow me on twitter @angelaaddams


  1. Haha Fuck is the BEST. WORD. EVER!

    Sucks for me that I write mostly YA and period pieces LOL.

    Great interview :)

  2. Congrats again, Angela!

    I'm with you and favorite phrase is "Fuck all!" :)

  3. LMAO Angela, Congratulations fav phrase is "FUCK THAT!"
    As for the interview...well done, honest, open and interesting. Enjoyed the insight.